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Interview Your Realtor

Choosing a Professional REALTOR® should be considered one of your most important decisions, much the same as choosing your family doctor, attorney or financial advisor. Real estate holdings are considered by most to be the foundation of your estate, the shelter for your family and, indeed, one of your most important investments. It is important then to choose a professional who will advise you wisely and, by all means, keep your personal goals at the forefront of all decisions. The trademark name, REALTOR®, is a designation earned only after mandatory education requirements are met and a code of ethics oath of professional standards set forth by the National Association of REALTORS® has been sworn. Look for the REALTOR® trademark, as not every real estate practitioner has made this commitment. It is important to interview the professional you entrust with your valuable investment to ascertain their specific knowledge and experience just as you would a doctor about to perform an operation on you or one of your loved ones. To that end we have outlined below a list of fundamental questions that a professional REALTOR® worthy to market your property should be able to answer. We hope you find this guide valuable and helpful in making the right choice for the professional to assist you in accomplishing your personal real estate goals.

Question   OTHERS The Sandlin Team
How many years of real estate experience? __________  150+(Team)
Professional Education designations earned? __________ Broker Associate, ABR, CLHMS, CRB,
Sales volume since 1982? __________ Over $1 Billion
Ranking for sales volume in our market area? __________ #1 in sales for 20+ years
Do you have a written marketin plan? __________ YES
How much do you spend on marketing? __________ $40,000+/mo
What is your average personal List/Sale Price Ratio? __________ 2-4% higher than board average
Do you offer a Performance Guarantee? _________ YES
% of business from Past Clients, Referrals & Spheres? __________ 60%
Do you have a Mission Statement? __________ YES
Do you know and track your Buyer Sources? __________ YES
Do you do a Computerized CMA? __________ YES
Do you have an award-winning Personal Web site? __________ YES
What % of your total business comes from your web site? __________ 15%
Custom Virtual tours in MLS & on your website? _________ YES
Feature property sites & custom banner ads on REALTOR.com? __________ YES
How many top real estate websites do you advertise on? _________ 35+
Do you provide full color brochures? __________ YES
Do you have a full page ad in the local newspaper? _________ YES
Do you follow up on every showing for feedback? __________ YES
Do you provide a Seller’s net sheet? __________ YES
Do you have Accredited Buyer Specialists? _________ YES
Do you have a personal full-time staff to provide you with personalized service? _________ Yes (Listing Manager, Marketing Team, Closing Manager, Communications Manager
and Weekend Manager)