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Naples Golf Courses

Naples is the “golf capital of the world,” and is home to over 97 golf courses spread across 70 golf communities. Some of these golf courses serve as venues for state and national tournaments for both professionals and amateurs.

Only 10 of Naples’ golf courses are public. The rest are exclusive, members-only facilities, with ownership in 10 of them restricted only to community residents. Many private courses, however, are open to the public from May to December.

Best Golf Courses in Naples FL

The golf courses in Naples have been designed by the top names of the sport, including Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Robert Trent Jones, Tom Fazio, Arthur Hills, and others. Given most courses’ excellent features and amenities, avid golfers often have a hard time naming which course they think is the best.

Based on awards won and reviews in various publications, the following are some of the top golf courses in Naples:

  • The Golf Club at Fiddler’s Creek
  • Naples National Golf Club
  • Calusa Pines Golf Club
  • Tiburon Golf Club
  • Cedar Hammock Golf & Country Club
  • Bonita Bay East
  • Hammock Bay
  • Twin Eagles Club
  • Esplanade Golf & Country Club
  • Eagle Lakes Golf Course
  • Forest Glen

Naples Golf Communities

Naples’ many golf communities offer the easiest access to the city’s first-rate golf courses. There are three types of golf communities in Naples:

  • Mandatory equity community – when you buy a property in one of these communities, you must also buy membership at the golf club. The cost of membership is not included in the property’s price.
  • Equity community – golf club membership in these communities is optional
  • Bundled golf community – golf club membership comes with the purchase of a property. The property’s price already includes the cost of membership to the club.

Equity ownership

Equity ownership involves paying a substantial initiation fee, which is often refundable when the membership is sold to another party.
There are also several membership categories depending on the golf club, such as full equity, limited equity, social membership, and non-resident membership. Aside from full equity membership, all other categories impose restrictions on the use of the golf course and/or the clubhouse’s facilities.

Bundled golf

Bundled golf communities offer the most convenient and economical membership opportunity. If you buy a property in one of these communities, you and your family automatically become members of the golf club without paying an initiation fee. Monthly fees, however, are often required, and go to the facilities’ upkeep.

Realtor Naples FL – Why you need a REALTOR

If you’re interested in buying a home in any of Naples’ golf communities – and ultimately membership at the community’s golf club – you would do well to work with an experienced REALTOR. The Sandlin Real Estate Team can help you go through your many options and find the perfect match to your needs and preferences.

It’s also important to note that you first have to designate a REALTOR as your Buyer Representative before getting in touch with a developer. Once you contact a developer or its representative directly, you give up your right to representation and going it alone can be like Russian roulette. Choosing a Sandlin Professional, will make a big difference in your experience.

A professional Buyer Representative will have the experience and savvy to negotiate a better deal for you, plus help you find and compare a number of options. When you have potentially over 70 choices to consider, you can surely use the expertise and representation, which is what the Sandlin Team offers you.

Homes for Sale Naples, FL

If you are looking for the best luxury golf communities and luxury villas in Naples, FL, contact The Sandlin Real Estate Team, realtor in Naples, FL, at 239-642-4450 or send an email at Info@MarcoRealtySource.com for the newest listings in Naples, FL.