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Naples Luxury Golf Communities

There are over 70 golf communities housing more than 97 golf courses in Naples – a fact that has earned it the distinction, the “Golf Capital of the World.” Many of the golf courses in these communities have been designed by the who’s who of the sport, and are playground to some of the game’s most famous names.

Naples’ golf communities also offer a wide range of property options, from vast estates to single-family homes to condos and townhomes.

If you’re looking for a property in one of these neighborhoods, work with an experienced real estate team who can help you sort through your myriad options. The Sandlin Real Estate Team provides that kind of expertise.

The team knows what luxury buyers look for. You can rest assured you won’t be wasting precious time looking at properties that don’t match your preferences. You will also be given all the information and expert advice you need to make the right selection.

Best Golf Communities in Naples

There are three types of golf communities in Naples based on the kind of golf club membership they offer:

  • Mandatory equity membership
  • Equity membership
  • Bundled golf community

Mandatory equity membership means that anyone who buys a home in the community should also buy membership at the golf club. The price of membership is separate from the property’s price, but some communities offer relatively lower housing costs to make up for the cost of membership.

Equity membership communities offer residents the option of purchasing membership at the golf club, which means residents may or may not be equity owners of the club. These communities offer various layers of equity ownership, such as:

  • Full equity – the member has full access to the golf course, golf club facilities and amenities, social activities, and others
  • Limited equity – the member has full access to some of the facilities but limited access to others, including the golf course
  • Social membership – the member has full access only to clubhouse facilities and social activities. Use of the golf course may be restricted to only a set number of rounds per year.

Bundled golf communities include club membership with the property price. When you purchase a home in any of these communities, you and everyone in your family automatically become members of the golf club. No initiation fee is required.

Each community type has its pros and cons, some of which are as follows:

  1. Equity ownership assures exclusivity. With access limited only to equity owners, there’s less competition in the use of the golf course. You will have greater chances of playing anytime you want.
  2. Golf courses in equity golf communities are usually in better condition as there are more funds for their maintenance, and there’s less wear and tear due to their restricted access.
  3. Equity ownership usually involves a substantial initiation fee. Most golf clubs, however, give a full or partial fee refund when the owner sells his membership to someone else.
  4. While the refund policy sounds inviting, selling your membership may not be as easy as you think, and could take anywhere from a few days to a few years. You will have to continue paying your annual membership dues until you’re able to unload your equity.
  5. In bundled golf communities, concerns regarding the initiation fee and membership coverage are eliminated.

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By working with The Sandlin Real Estate Team, you will be presented with all the facts and figures you need to make the best-informed decision. Picking a golf property should not take away from the excitement of owning one. Expert guidance from the Sandlin Real Estate Firm can help take away much of the stress and make the process as fun as it should be. Call 239-642-4450 or send an email at Info@MarcoRealtySource.com to get the newest listings in Naples, FL!