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10 Smart Design Ideas For Small Spaces

While regular kitchen cupboards serve a useful purpose, there's something eye-catching and appealing about these open (and organized) storage shelves. Designer John Gidding wanted to separate the kitchen from the dining area but still keep th...

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Autumn Prep Home Maintenance Tips

It’s almost time. Sigh. Summer is drawing to a close, like it or not.

Before the leaves fall and the wind turns chilly, it’s a good idea to do some seasonal maintenance on your home. Here are some things to add to your fall “honey-do...

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15 Tips For Picking The Perfect Paint Color

If you've got patterned upholstery, a colorful rug or large piece of artwork, pluck colors you like from the pattern. For a neutral wall paint color, look to the pattern's whites and beiges.
If only choosing a color palette for your interiors ...

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Could a Mission Statement Help Your House?

Identify your home’s purpose and style to make everything from choosing paint colors to buying a new home easier.

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the benefits of creating mission statements for businesses, or even for yourself — but what abo...

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5 Easy Flooring Fixes

Silence squeaks. Press on the offending board, then drill a 1/16-inch pilot hole at an angle through its face until you hit the subfloor. To prevent splitting, be sure to position the bit at the center of the board and at least 3 inches from ...

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How To Transfer Your Favorite Photos Onto Candles

These DIY candles use the wax coating on the surface to adhere images from napkins, tissues, and photos to your particular candle.

This tutorial will teach you how to transfer any image, napkin or decoration onto your current candle...

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Update Your Vent Cover


decorative aluminum sheet - brass clover leaf
3.5” Primed MFD door casing
5 min epoxy
white paint
fast drying glue

Rip the 3.5” casing in half lengthwise. Then cut into two at 18” long point to long point ...

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Your September Home Checklist

From the first days, which probably still feel like summer, to the last, when you may notice that first chill in the air, September is a time of transition. Get your home ready for the season ahead by ticking off these to-dos, from adding co...

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