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11 Ways To Add Value To Your Bathroom

Bathrooms, like kitchens, are a huge selling point in your home. They're also the most personal of spaces. Here are 11 ways you can add value to yours through quick updates that make a big difference. Swap Outdated Fixtures Swapping outdated fixtures can go a long way to giving your bathroom an updated look. Go for popular finishes like satin or brushed nickel that pair well with most tile. For a more classic look, chrome is a good choice. Just watch out for water spots! Create Twin Sinks For shared bathrooms, installing an extra sink c... Read More

Is Phased Retirement Right for You?

Don't Want To Retire Yet?...Phased Retirement Might Just Be Your Next Best Thing. One day you’re a full time employee and the next day you’re not. That’s what retirement can feel like but if you’re looking for more of a gradual exit or no exit at all, you might consider phased retirement. A massive amount of highly skilled workers are retiring or have reached retirement age and that has companies concerned. Not only are people they at retirement age, they hold all of the high-level knowledge. Even worse, many industries are experiencing a shortage of young workers to fill th... Read More

8 Relaxing Backyard Around The World Decks

This coffee-break escape offers dozens of cleverly placed decks that are worth a peek. 5 & 8 are my favorites - what are yours?... Do you long for a deck to stretch out on but have only a postage-stamp patch of an outdoor area? Never fear, this collection of compact but cleverly designed decks will provide all the inspiration you need to deck out your own small space and create the perfect outdoor retreat for you and a select few to enjoy. 1. Spa-side retreat. Sydney 2. Up in the treetops. Wyoming 3. Lounging around. Vancouver, British Colum... Read More

Take a Seat: 8 Perches for Pausing in Your Hallway

After you’ve put your coat hooks, shoe storage and a surface for keys and coins in your hallway, you probably think there isn’t much room for anything else. But one useful item you might well have forgotten is a seat — useful for putting on outerwear or just taking a breather when you get home. Check out these eight ideas for fitting in a handy perch. 1. Tuck it under the stairs. If you’ve run out of room in your hallway, how about using the space beneath your stairs? Knock out the doors to that awkward cabinet you can never access properly and turn it into a seating nook in... Read More

Knowledge Is Power on the Path to Homeownership

Homeownership is on the goal list for many young adults, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to get there. From understanding the homebuying process to pre-approval and down payment assistance options, uncertainty along the way can ultimately hold some buyers back. Today, there are over 75 million Millennials and 67 million Gen Z’ers in the U.S., making up a significant number of both current and soon-to-be homebuyers. According to a recent Fannie Mae survey of more than 2,000 of these individuals: “88% said they are confident they will achieve homeownership someday.” I... Read More

Most Popular Kitchens From Around The World

  Take a virtual trip to 12 countries, including India and Russia, to see the most popular kitchens. 1. Australia This home in Brisbane, on the country’s east coast, embodies the kind of lifestyle to which so many Australians aspire. Its mix of classic elements like the black-and-white color palette, marble counters and backsplash, and refined Hamptons style create a solid feel with a light look. Renovated by Bella Vie Interiors, the kitchen is perfect for the subtropic climate of the region — and sturdy enough for a growing family. 2. France This kitchen by Stéphanie M... Read More

The Polite House To Hosting Guests

This is Part 2 of an answer to a question posed by a reader who lives in a popular vacation destination and wants to know how to properly set limits for the numerous houseguests she and her husband entertain throughout the year — often involving long stays, getting stuck driving guests around, visiting attractions numerous times per year, and guests not offering to cover gas or food costs. In Part 1, we explored boundaries she and her husband may want to establish ahead of time. Here, we will focus on the gentle suggestions that can be made during a guest’s stay to indicate things like ... Read More

Smart Ideas For Built-in Home Efficiency

The living room’s predominantly neutral color scheme is injected with splashes of bold color such as the citron side chair and the orange grasscloth wall covering inside the media bookcase. Metal accents with a modern edge include the minimalist curtain rods, stainless-steel coffee table base, and the aluminum ceiling-fan blades. To disguise the room’s wall-mount mini-split HVAC unit, sliding screen doors—metal mesh inside a wood frame—were made for the top shelf of the media bookcase. View more smart ideas for around your home. Read More